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“Completed” Papers

Posted by chanders on January 3, 2006

Yes, yes, I know you, my non-existant readership, has been waiting breathlessly in anticipation. Well, wait no more: my papers on Particpatory Journalism and Journalistic Professionalism are now online in pdf form.

Anderson, C. 2005 Is There a Public For Particpatory Journalism?: DRAFT

Summary: With the simultaneous emergence of web-based particpatory media and the decline of the "public journalism movement," many  intellectuals have sought do link developments online to their former work in public journalism. This paper examines the degree to which public and particpatory journalistic forms overlap, in a theoretical sense, and concludes with a call for internet-based media to realize its journalistic potential.

Anderson, C. 2005 The Deprofessionalization of Journalism?: DRAFT

Summary: In this essay I seek to outline an integrative theoretical structure within which to analyze changes that may or (may not) be taking place in the “business or practice of producing and disseminating information about contemporary affairs of general interest and public relevance.” The paper draws on the literature of the sociology of the professions, as well as work by Bourdieu, Foucault, and Weber.


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  1. Chris — if you posted on the regular you’d get at least a few crazies trolling around. 🙂

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