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At the BOJ Conference

Posted by chanders on April 7, 2006

Last night, as our full van rumbled down the highway on the (2 hour!!) drive from the Columbus Airport to Athens, OH, I had a grandiose vision of the car going off the road, all 12 passengers perishing, and the field of research into online journalism being set back by a decade. A joke, for sure … that that said, its nice to be at a conference where a) everyone is deeply engaged in a topic that still has trouble getting much respect from the academy and b) averages an age of younger than 35.

The conference in question is "BLOGGING AND ONLINE JOURNALISM: NEW MEDIA, NEW CHALLENGES, NEW ETHICS," and its sponsored by the Ohio University Institute For Applied Ethics. Its a student conference, so in addition toe Dan Gilmors and Mark Deuzes and Clifford Christians, there are other folks like Fernanda Viegas, Bryan Murley, Colin Lingle, Damien Pfister, Serena Carpenter, Kim Smith, Ali Mohamed, Susanne Goericke, and others who I don’t have time to name or find urls fo– people who aren’t big conference names yet, but maybe will be someday.

Anyway, it looks like Atrios finally gets his blogging ethics panel. The schedule is here. I’ll do what I can to add more over the next couple days.


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