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When Blogging Becomes an (Unpaid) Job

Posted by chanders on April 15, 2006

Dan Rubin, blogger with the Philly Inquirer, interviews Billmon, the popular author the lefty blog The Whisky Bar. In the interview, Billmon talks about blogger burnout– its a good window into the blogging mindset as the formerly new and exciting becomes the somewhat exciting but routine:

By last fall, he felt he had "lost my mojo," as he put it. "I haven’t really gotten it back. I’ve been posting half-heartedly over the winter. I find it very difficult to really get back into the swing of it. I have a full-time job, kids, a mortgage, a backyard. All those things have to be taken care of. The first couple of years, I was stealing time. I was consciously avoiding responsibility. My kids let me know it."

At first, he says, it’s exhilarating – "not having to kow tow to anybody. Not having to worry about am I going to piss off the advertisers. After a couple years, you start to realize how much work it is."


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