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Trip to Oxford for Media Theory Conference

Posted by chanders on September 16, 2006

A few days ago, I was lucky enough to take a trip to Oxford and London to present a paper at an academic conference. I was one of the younger people there, and it was a real honor to get to go. It was also awesome to get away from the states for a few days, as I don’t get many chances at all to travel abroad.

Anyway, I’ve posted all my photos on my flickr page, for those who are interested in such things. Normally, I’m not much of one for putting personal stuff up on the internet, but you’re welcome to take a look if you like.

The conference was called "Media Change and Social Theory" and was sponsored by CRESC, the Centre for Research on Socio-Economic Change. My paper was on stuff that should be familiar to regular readers of this blog– professionalization, journalism, knowledge, etc. It seemed to go over well.

The other thing I decided in Oxford was that I love pubs. I love the food, I love the atmosphere, I love the fact that they close at 11pm, which is usually when I like to go home anyway. You can order quiche in England at a pub and not feel the sexist resentment against American men who order quiche. And I love their ridiculous names– "the Gardeners Arms" … "The Lamb and the Flag." What the heck does that even mean?? We also got to see the "Eagle and Child," the pub where Tolkein and the Inklings used to hang out.

Anyway, enjoy the pictures. The later part of them is from the 36 hours I spent in London.


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