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“If tools could make anyone who picked them up an expert, they’d be valuable indeed.” Plato, The Republic

Reporting Workshop Application

Posted by chanders on October 11, 2007

There’s been some controversy– though thats probably too strong a word– about whether we should request “applications” from the people who want to attend the Indypendent reporting workshops. The ultimate point isn’t actually to ever screen anyone out, but to get some basic information about the goals of the people who will be attending. Do they want to write for the Indy? For NYC Indymedia? Their own blog? Or are they more interested in media criticism and less on learning how to be a reporter in the traditional sense? Plus, having folks fill out an application creates an immediate sense of ownership of the project; they’ve already put work into it, so it maes them more likely to a) come, and b) take it seriously.

So, with that minor intro, here’s the text of the application we’ve used for the workshop Saturday.


New York City Independent Media Center

The Indypendent’s Citizen Journalism Reporting Workshop Application

1.) Why do you want to participate in The Indypendent’s reporting workshop? What would you like to get out of it?

2.) Do you have prior journalism experience? If so, explain. (Experience not required for workshop.)

3.) Do you have any prior activism experience? If so, explain briefly. (Experience not required for workshop.)

4.) Are you interested in writing for the New York Independent Media Center in the future? (Interest not required.)

5.) Tell us something interesting about yourself.

Application Deadline: Wednesday, October 10, 2007. 5pm.
Email Completed Application to: indyreporting@gmail.com


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