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“If tools could make anyone who picked them up an expert, they’d be valuable indeed.” Plato, The Republic

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Bio: C.W. Anderson’s dissertation, “Breaking Journalism Down” (final title) examines current journalistic practices in Philadelphia, Pa, along with the knowledge claims embedded within those practices. The outcome of an in-depth ethnographic research project examining the sociology of local news production, his dissertation argues that academic concepts like “discovering the news,” “deciding what’s news,” and “digitizing the news,” need to be supplemented by a concept of networked news production that sees “the news” as emerging through the work of a heterogeneous collection of institutionalized reporters and nonprofessional journalists.  Anderson’s academic interests include journalism studies, online and citizen’s journalism, media sociology, communications and social theory, social movements, and political theory. With Michael Schudson he has published “News Production and Organizations: Professionalism, Objectivity, and Truth Seeking,” in the Handbook of Journalism Studies, as well as additional chapters in a number of academic collections. Prior to graduate school he worked as a reporter / editor in all stages of the news production process with New York City Indymedia and The New York Indypendent, a local biweekly newspaper. He holds a B.A. in Political Science from Indiana University and an MA and MPhil from Columbia. He lives in Brooklyn with his partner Jessica and two mischievous cats..


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  1. […] About Me / CV […]

  2. Ze said

    Hey I like your blog :).

  3. […] About Me / CV […]

  4. […] Dean of the CUNY Graduate School of Journalism, and Chris Anderson, not that one, or that one, this one. The work of local artists will be on display, as […]

  5. […] Colombia J-School blogger C.W. Anderson got more specific in an article asking “What would fair use look like in an online era?” Anderson points out that “the digital information world has its own ethical standards and best practices, practices that may not be written down but have emerged out of the internet’s own practices and history.” Here’s part of what he has to say about the importance of linking: It should, by 2009, go without saying that any article making use of information read, cited, discussed, or originated elsewhere should clearly link back to that information. This is kindergarten-level internet protocol. …  (I should note, at this point, that this would probably do more to show traditional, non-linking news orgs are violation of fair use than bloggers, but, hey, you get what you ask for if you open this can of worms.) […]

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